Need help with chosing a tablet

I am going to be needing a tablet for work purposes. I would like to have satellite 3g/4g ability. Play movies. And who knows, I'm a PC gamer at heart so gaming on a tablet frightens me.... That said, I may want to try some games as well.

Name brand means crap to me. If the apple ends up being the best bang for my buck, awesome. But I have heard a ton about Xoom, Samsungs Tablet, and Acers too. For to many choices.


(For business purposes, I would like to use it to show potential clients my designs and ideas. Portfolio type stuff)
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  1. The iPad is basically just an oversized iPhone, so if you've used an iPhone just imagine it with a bigger screen and you get the idea.

    Beyond Apple, I personally would really only consider the new Google Nexus tablet. The full disclosure is in my signature, in that Asus is the one actually making these for Google.

    I would probably stay away from Samsung's tablets for the time being until the dust from the spat with Apple has settled. If Apple somehow manages to pull off an injunction, that could be problematic if you need a replacement unit, or to RMA it for some reason. Of course I would also avoid buying the iPad because I personally dislike the iOS interface, I've been on the receiving end of Apple's "because we said so" abuse far too many times where they just make up some rule out of nowhere and decide you're in violation of it but will not explain what the rule is or how you violated it, it's overpriced for what you get (IMO), 10" tablets are just too big (also IMO, based on one of the HP TouchPads I nabbed in the fire sale) to handle comfortably, the new iPad 3 made some tradeoffs screenwise that make them more prone to breaking if dropped or abused, I don't like the way Apple refuses to allow any third party app to compete with its own bundled apps, and I like the options I have with Android like rooting/jailbreaking the device and running custom ROMs. If you aren't into jailbreaking/rooting and dealing with custom ROMs, then the fact that the Google tablet is a Nexus device means that it will likely be supported for much longer than the competition in terms of official updates. History has shown that Nexus branded phones have gotten official software updates a year or more after phones released around the same time period have been abandoned by the manufacturer. The Nexus does lack cellular connectivity, but with there being a Starbucks or something else on almost every corner, how often are you really without a wifi connection?

    To be fair, Android still has a little growing up to do to match the same level of polish iOS has, but it's been making significant strides with 4.0 and 4.1. For all of Apple's claims about being an innovative company, personally all I tend to see is a company that comes up with a really good idea every 5-6 years, and then tends to coast on the success of that idea while everyone else scrambles to emulate it.

    Those would be my personal recommendations anyway. The iPad is an established player, and thus a pretty safe bet, but I personally think it doesn't live up to the hype. The Nexus tablet is a solid competitor, at a fraction of the price, assuming you can be flexible on the cellular connection requirement.
  2. Not terribly sold on the nexus. I saw some specs, and it really looks like a monster. If they had a 3g/4g model I'd be all over it. But I travel frequently, and not always to spots where there is a starbucks, satellite internet is a must.

    Hugely valid points on everything you brought up. Android os def appeals to me more.
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