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Has anyone had issues with progressive dvd players freezing up during play back of certain movies. I have a Mitsubishi big screen with component cables. It only happins with maybe 5-10 % of the movies I watch and allways happens in the same scene of the movie. I will have to stop the movie and fast forward past the chapter of the movie that gives me trouble and usually it does fine after that. The picture will begin to hesitate and small squares appear on the screen as if the dvd is having trouble reading the disc. Sorry for the poor description, Im sure there is a technical name for this occurance.
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  1. Consider posting to this forum: http://forum.digital-digest.com/ which seems to get much higher response rates than THG forums. Also, is it possible your DVD disks are China bootlegs? If so, then you have disks that are bad as a result of bit rate down conversion problems. Finally, suggest you bring your problem disks to a friend to play or your local Best Buy and play on one of thier high end players looking to compare performance.

  2. Thanks for the reply
    I doubt the disk are bootlegs since they were bought from major retailers or rentals from netflix. I have played them on other DVD players and they played fine. I was begining to wonder if I need to send the player in for a firm ware update. It seems like I have heard of this issue with this dvd player. Have you heard of such a thing?
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