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I have been trying to set up a home network,and come across some problems, first when i install my nic card D-LINK DFE530Tx+ and set up the drivers, when i start up my sys itm takes 5 minutes for it to start and wants a password . i tried it in all the pci slots and smae thing happens, it works fine conflicts i left it like that. and tried setting up the lan,ihave 2 pc's both use a d-link nic card.i ahve got them both hooked up to a 3com 10 mbps 5 port hub. i put my cable modem's rj45 line into the 3 coms uplink port and hooked the other pc's into the other ports. i have tried to set up the network nieghborhood so i can set up a work group for it.and i cant see my other pc in it but when i go to find other computer i cand find it and get files from it..i have no idea what i am doing ,i am trying to do this from i book i got from the libary and it dont help much..if you can run me through some steps it would help allot.. i cant seem to get on the internet with the new doesnt have a modem installed ,i thought i could just use my other pc's cable modem through the hub set up...anyway what ever help i can get would go a long way... thanks ...
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  1. Sounds like the long boot time is due to the PC looking for a DHCP address. Make sure the router is powered on during boot, and it should obtain an address quickly.

    Also, You have to plug your Cable modem into the WAN port, not the uplink port.

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  2. Im using a 3com hub.cable modem doent go into the up link on the hub?just one of the normal ports on it?
  3. Oh, I misunderstood you. OK - you have to make sure you have lights when you connect the Cable modem to the hub. If you connect to the uplink port and get no lights, then connect to one of the normal ports. If you have no lights, you have no connection and can't get an IP address from the Cable modem.

    BTW - you won't be able to share your Internet access this way. You'll need to use a Cable/DSL router. With just a hub, only 1 PC can use the Internet.

    <i>It's always the one thing you never suspected.</i>
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