Wireless Keyboard Issue with Toshiba Vista Laptop

Hi all,
I have an issue with my microsoft wireless keyboard. Here's what happens:
I turn on the laptop (Toshiba Satellite).
I get to the windows login screen, and all of a sudden, I can't use the wireless keyboard anymore; so I have to resort to using the laptop keyboard.

Steps I have taken to try and fix this problem:
1. Change the USB port.
2. Turn off the laptop and change the USB port.
3. Tried to update drivers online but Windows said there were no updates available.
4. I downloaded the driver for the wireless keyboard off of the microsoft website, but when I tried to install it said I had to remove the current Keyboard driver.
4. Tried to uninstall driver, but everytime I tried to do that, it would ask for a restart. After the restart, it would automatically install the regular keyboard driver on its own, so I never get a chance to install a fresh downloaded copy of the driver.

Any advice? This keyboard was working fine a few days ago. What happened is that I moved it somewhere away from the computer for a while (out of reach of the wireless receiver), and when I moved it back in range it didn't work.

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  1. Uninstall the keyboard software and using device manager, then disconnect it. Use your notebook for a few sessions without it, then plug it back in and install the correct driver. Reboot, and you should be alright.
  2. theres a problem. To remove the software, I have to restart. When I restart, it automatically re-installs the software at boot-up. Is there a process I can disable from startup that will stop it from doing that?
  3. I've never heard of software that reinstalls itself after it's been uninstalled. Are you sure that just doesn't occur because you've still got the keyboard plugged in?

    And you can always quit the setup, too..
  4. no I log in and it dosen't start the setup visually, it just pops up with a message in the bottom right of the screen that says new driver successfully installed. o.O
  5. That's just a generic Microsoft driver. It's not the driver provided by the company. After that happens, run the installer.
  6. When I try to do that, it says software is already installed. I tried running the keyboard software that was installed (it shows signal strength, etc.), and it says its connected and working fine. I went to test the keys and the input doesen't work from the wireless keyboard, just the laptop one. So then, to see if the software was messed up, I went and disconnected the wireless keyboard and checked on the signal strength...and it continued to say that the signal strength was reall strong (full bars). My second theory is that for some reason, it reads in the input form the laptop keyboard as the microsoft wireless keyboard. And refuses the keyboard's commands...is there anyway I can temporarily disconnect the laptop keyboard?
  7. I JUST FIXED IT! Thanks for your support Frozen.
    Here's how I fixed it:
    I went into device manager and looked under keyboard, to find the regular laptop keyboard.
    I went into USB hubs and unplugged the wireless keyboard, then plugged it back in.
    Upon plugging the keyboard back in, a bunch of new usb human interface devices popped up with that error exclamation sign next to them.
    I double clicked them, and and reinstalled their drivers (NOTICE: NOT THE KEYBOARD DRIVERS).
    As soon as the drivers were installed, the keyboard started working again.

    Here's what I don't understand: This wasn't just one USB hub not responding, since I tried all of them. PLUS the keyboard worked for the BIOS and boot selections/logins, but not the windows login. So, how is it that reinstalling the "USB Human Interface Device" drivers would fix the issue? The USB ports were all working fine, I tested each and everyone one of them with my mouse (a gaming mouse) and they all seemed to work; and that's why I didn't consider them to be the issue.

    If you can shed some light on this, I'd really appreciate it.

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