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Are there any desktops that come with batteries? Or any way I could custom build my own? One of the big reasons I don't want a desktop is because I can't move it around, It still would be irritating to take places or just around my house, But a battery is a start, Plus it would be good for power outs. So how big a battery are we talking? What kind? I would prefer something internal if possible, I guess I would need a custom case. More than one hour of battery life would be desired. Besides that, Do you have any tips for me concerning desktops in general? I don't like hunching over in my Office Chair, I like sitting back on my couch with a laptop. I also like moving around with my laptop, Room to room, Place to place, And the battery I like too for power outs. So what should I do basically? Should I keep this laptop and make a desktop and then somehow make it do some cluster computing or what ever so I would basically have all the power from there but in here? Or have it set up to send the input and output to my desktop and laptop so it is basically a bluetooth keyboard screen and mouse? (obviously not in bluetooth) I do really like the last thing, If you have any idea on how to do that, I would greatly appreciate it.
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  1. Here's what you could possibly do... take a car battery, connect a 500W power inverter to it, plug your PC into the power inverter. You would not be able to run a monitor from it (I don't think) so a larger inverter (more wattage) would be needed for that option. Depending upon your PC usage and the amperage of the car battery, you may get as much as 4 hours off a single charge.
    Bear in mind it would be rediculously heavy and you would need to set it up on a furniture dolly or hand truck for mobility - or an AV cart.
    As far as relaxing while computing, a wireless keyboard and mouse can go a long way toward that.
  2. Okay, I have thought about it a lot, And what I really want to do is use this laptop and get input from that computer. So basically this becomes a wireless mouse/keyboard/monitor, And then I could go anywhere in my house I wanted with it, Kind of like teamviewer, But something different, Because that will just really really lag and won't be all too good. Plus I would like to be able to have this set up to go through a wifi network and not the internet. So I could have two routers and connect the desktop to one router via ethernet and the router with internet via wifi. So I could connect without using bluetooth and without slowing down the network at all. I would also like to be able to connect to it via the internet if I leave.
  3. Your post is a bit confusing. You are talking about some "this laptop" which you say nothing about and ask if you should keep it. It could be a 10 yr old P3 system or a 1 yr old i7 for all we know. Also about a computer, do you have a computer or no? Why exactly do you want one? You need to provide some details.

    A battery to run a desktop and monitor would be pretty big, you are talking about 100lb of equipment between the battery,the computer and monitor. Don't think you though this through very well.

    You can use an RDP connection which is built-into all Windows versions to connect to your desktop using the laptop if they are on the same network. Don't know why you need two routers either, a wifi router should have ethernet ports also, you can use one router for both the laptop and desktop.
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