Putting Windows 7 on an SSD

I just got a new laptop with a 7200rpm HD and a 32gb SSD. I'm not sure how to make sure Windows 7 is installed onto the SSD instead of the other drive, could somebody please teach me? I googled it but all of the answered that came up are very complex, I don't understand it.


If it matters, I do have a Windows 7 disk.
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  1. Hi,

    +1 anonymous1

    but the problem is it might be a bit tight for win 7 + updates / system restore.

    Be sure to install any other software on another HD

    Ive bought an 120 gb and partitioned in two: the win 7 partition takes about 41 gb with updates and a few basic programs + disable system restore
  2. Also put pagefile on HDD, adjust temp system variable to point to folder on HDD. You can even move the users folder to the HDD, google SSD optimisation.
  3. What model laptop? Did you buy it with Windows pre-installed on the SSD?
  4. HP Dv6t-7000, I don't know if it's pre-installed on the SSD, how would I tell?

    Also, what's pagefile? How do i move files to the SSD =\

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