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so I just installed Xfinity Comcast Internet with the Ethernet cable or modem...whatever, when I turn on the computer to boot it up, it will no longer go to Windows first and now asks for me to install a boot disk and hit any key. My laptop didn't even come with a recovery disk or any disk. Even when it is not connected to the Ethernet chord it still gives me a message that it can't find a connection and I am just stuck.
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  1. your computer asking for a boot disk should not be related to setting up a modem.

    did u setup the modem or did comcast?

    if comcast did, call their tech support immediately.

    first thing to check is in the laptops BIOS, look to make sure your hard disk is being detected, and also make its the 'first' boot device.
  2. Hi,

    How long has you had the laptop?

    If your laptop is less than 1 year old RMA, if not

    After the first time you set it up it nags you to make the recovery disk.

    If you go in bios does it see the HD?

    If so you can try to boot from recovery partition (press alt + f10 after acer screen )

    If not: you have to replace the HD and then reinstall windows

    two choices there:
    1- buy a windows 7 home (110$)
    2- order acer recovery disk (50$)

    +1 daswilhelm not related to comcast installation

    good luck
  3. is it remotely possible that in bios it had the boot order set to from network first? really really long shot.
  4. yes most likely the boot order is the problem, if not, hard drive went bad.
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