Memory card is not formatted error

Plz How Slove My memory card is not formatted error in My Mobile
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  1. What’s your problem?
    Do you be given this message as you try to access to your drive?
    If it is the true story, you can resolve everything by three steps:

    1. Stop using your memory card and pick it out free from any new data until you have recovered the original data there.

    2. Restore your original data there.
    In order to get back your important data there, you need a recovery program to help you restore it. However, to choose an appropriate recovery program is absolutely a tough task, for a disappointed one can not recover your data, on the contrary, it may damage your data fatherly. So you should pay much more attention to this job. In my opinion, you can read this text “Tested Data Recovery Freeware ”firstly,extract more knowledge about recovery thing and at last make your decision.

    3. Format your memory card for future use.
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