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ok I currently have a ATI 9800 Pro and I am looking to get a tv tuner card. All tv tuner cards that I see do not have the required vga outport needed for my LCD. How will the connection loop go? Will my cable go into the tv tuner card and through my Video card and then out through my LCD?

By the way I want to use this as a second monitor for TV only and have my current monitor for PC use will this be possible?

Thank you for your help
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  1. Nate, took me a second to figure out what you were trying to do. Your card should have dual monitor support, you will have to set this up. Plug the cable into the TVTuner card, then the Cable TV will play on your monitor, which ever monitor you setup it to play on.

    Basically you can get any TVTuner card and you will be able to do this.

    I recommend MSI's TV@nywhere, it isn't very exspenisve, and has some nice features.

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  2. There is no connection loop. TV cards only have INPUTS. They INPUT video via the PCI bus. Your video card outputs the video that the TV card inputs.

    So it goes like this:
    Cable-Tuner Card-PCI bus-Southbridge-Northbridge-AGP bus-9800 Pro-Monitor.

    Your video card supports two monitors with separate images, so yes you can watch TV on one and do your other PC stuff on the other.

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