Need new DVD Rom

I'm looking for a new DVD rom. What do you recommend? Thanks.
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  1. Lite-on generally makes good drives. I have an ASUS drive, that I have used for a few years now. Mainly I would just stick to a brand name, also might look at DVD-R drives, especially single layer, there isn't that much of a price jump between a DVD-ROM, and a DVD-Burner, now. May be worth a little extra to have the burning capabilites. Even if you aren't going to copy DVDs or anything, they are handy for make large file backups and such.

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  2. pionner 120s
    slot loaded very nice

    System Spec's:
    Asus P4c800-E 3.2e @3.8ghz
    1gb corsair xms pro2-2-2-5 aiw 9800 pro
    audigy 2zs klipsch ultra's
    74gb raptor wd 2000jb
    pioneer 108 pioneer 120s
  3. I like Pioneer drives too but Pioneer does not sale DVD ROM anymore.
  4. ure right
    oh well i got mine
    i'm sure you can still get them

    System Spec's:
    3.2e @3.8ghz
    klipsch ultra's

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  5. Lite-on dvd-rom£¡
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