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Hi all i am new here so please could someone help me with a problem?
I have an Acer Ferrari 4000 laptop & having problems with the Matshita uj845 dvd drive.
When I put a cd with files on it in my laptop it comes up blank showing nothing on it :(
It's ok with audio cd's but not with writable cd's.
Any help would be most welcome.
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  1. Are you sure those CDs ar burned correctly? Can you use a manufacturer-made cd?
  2. Hi frozenlead
    if i put it into another computer it shows them and it used to show them ok but now it doesn't, wierd eh?
  3. When it doesn't work, you can't technically fix it, and you have no idea what's wrong - clean it.

    Give the lens a good cleaning with a q-tip and alcohol, and make sure there's no dust in the drive or its interface.

    How did you get the notebook drive to run in another computer? Did you have a similar notebook?
  4. Sorry I forgot to say that I put the cd in another laptop. I think it might be a problem inserting a q-tip into the drive as it's a slot drive. Do you think it might be a driver issue?
  5. If it didn't work over two computers, it's probably not a driver you're worrying about.
  6. that's the problem It did work on another laptop.
  7. I misunderstood you, then.

    Can you try installing linux on your machine (on a seperate partition) or on a flash drive to see if that recognizes discs? We need to find out if your hardware or your software is the issue.
  8. I have 1.69GB left on a flash would that be enough? If so how do I install Linux?
  9. I'm not sure if that's enough, take a look at Linux's requirements.

    I'd recommend an Ubuntu Live CD. It's really quite easy to use.
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