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i own a good config for gaming and my general computing needs.
however i am a student who loves traveling a lot and i would like to buy a netbook to keep me company.
i plan to run the following applications:
microsoft office
mozilla firefox/opera
divx movies or movies which ARE NOT 720p/1080p
transfer data from my phone/digital camera

will movie playback(divx,avi) suffer from the weak GMA 950 which comes with most netbooks?
will an older version of photoshop--something like version 7 work properly?
i will be getting myself 2 gb of ram but can i fit in a larger hard drive--250/320gb?
And what brand should i be looking for?
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  1. Hey sunny :) long time no see :)
    How much do u want to pay for it ?
  2. hey maziar!
    all netbooks are almost the same when it comes to pricing-as little as possible for a 10 inch netbook-- i have the following brands in mind---samsung,asus,lenovo s-9/10 ,acer aspire one,the hp--but it didnt catch my fancy-looks to gaudy,there are also these two local Indian brands called zenith and HCL which are damn cheap but they ar emy last options.am not looking for windows and linux will do--will install windows xp myself.
    any ideas?
  3. Are there any options u are considering ? if so then plz post the link of them or give the model name
  4. options are:
    acer aspire one a150d
    lenovo s 10
    samsung nc 10
    dell inspiron mini
    msi wind
  5. Sunny, i have a four month old NC10 with 2gb for sale for $325 if you are interested. It also have Vista Ultimate on it too.
  6. @ bpmou--i can get myself a brand new samsung nc10 for 330$!
    btw would you ship it to India?
  7. I have used the acer and lenovo ideapad s10.when running,the acer one is hotter than lenovo s10,and lenovo do a very good job in cooling,I strongly suggest you choose the s10,that is the good one!
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