Acer laptop windows failed to start

i Turned on the computer and the screen is just recycling through 'launch startup repair (recommended)'. The screen then goes blank only for the same screen to re-appear.
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  1. Your Windows installation is probably damaged. Launch the repair, if you can, or back up your files and reinstall windows.
  2. That is a totally dumb answer to the problem !! My Acer laptop is doing the same thing, just keeps going to the startup menu, I click on start windows normally, then it proceeds to shoe the acer icon, then goes right back to the windows startup page. While it is making the transititon, I see a flash of a blue window, but it's just a flash, then it's gone. How, as in your answer.... "launch a repair" then back up files" going to work when u can't get past the start up ?? I is not possible to launch repair.
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