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I'm using an Emprex LM1701 lcd monitor and an ATI AIW 9000 video card and Windows XP Pro. When I boot up I cannot see some of the boot screens like the one that shows the motherboard model and says "press del for bios" the monitor reports "out of range." I have a crt monitor that does not have this problem. When I first bought the monitor it displayed correctly once and then not again. Emprex tech support does not exist. Anyone know how to solve this?
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  1. Try forcing the connection type in the Monitor's menu (instead of letting it auto-select) and see if that does anything.
  2. Thanks for trying to help. I finally got a response from the tech support:

    Dear Customer,

    You need to go safe mode to adjust your resolution back to normal.
    If you adjust too high resolution, the monitor will not be able to support.
    To go to safe mode, press "F8" when the boot screen showed.

    Tech Support

    So I went into safe mode (had to use my old monitor) and started fiddling with he adapter modes and switching the cables back and forth between monitors. I found one that works and now the problem is solved. I guess adapter was set up in a mode for my old monitor that my new one could not support. So after almost a year of irritation the problem is solved.

  3. The problem is back. After a couple of reboots the boot up screen went back to "out of range." Nothing I can do in safe mode has any effect. So the question is: is it the monitor, the driver (adapter) or the video card. Like said the driver is the newest version. Is it possible the monitor and driver/card just don't get along?

    There are no settings on the monitor menu itself that can have any effect.
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