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This is my first post/thread on TH :)

Anyways, I Just recently bought a laptop for HS, about half a month old. Everything Ran fine :), Until My computer decided to not work anymore.

I did a system restore from a repair disk and fixed, the only catch, norton reinstalled. I had uninstalled norton and when I did a system restore, the program probably sent it's server a "scam" alert as the program didn't respond after, So I had to uninstall it manually, removing the files and all the registry entres.

Now, week later, I notice that my computer is downloading EPICALLY slow. My speed is 11mbs, on my alternate computer, it will download a 11 mb file in less then a second, but on the laptop, 25 minutes? No way is that possible.

I did some registry scans, with wisecare 365, fixed the registry and download time has come down to 13 seconds, which is still crazy long -__-

any tips hints guys? thanks I really appreciate it :).


Amd A6-4400
6 gigs ram

I believe thats all You need to know, thanks again ;) :)
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  1. Well really old machines might not be able to write 11mb to the disk in a second, but since you're saying that your laptop is half a month old, I really don't know what the problem is. It could dpend on the server you are downloading from; perhaps a certain port isn't open on your laptop. Change your firewall or router settings on that machine and see if that helps.
  2. 11 megabyte in less than a second would be really fast! How is you Laptop connected to the internet? With a wireless connection the 13 seconds sounds reasonable.
  3. Yeah, it looks like OP is confusing MBytes with Mbits.
    11MB file in one second - that's about 100Mbit/s, so if that's true maybe your wireless device just can't handle such a bandwidth?
  4. Hmm, well My desktop, 2 years old downloads in 1-2 seconds, usually less.

    I just did a whole registry cleanup, and the time has dropped considerably, to 4-5 seconds.

    Still Kind Of slow, I guess this was a registry related problem.

    Oh and I use a wireless N router, 300 mbit max and using the laptop wirelessly
  5. With wireless N and one wall between laptop and router you get about 50Mbps, so your results are normal. Registry cleanup did the job.
  6. rogr that. Thanks Though Guys
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