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Hey guys, great forum....anyways I am looking at building a new computer and I have the option of going for either Dual channel 400mhz RAM or non-dual channel 500mhz RAM. Which would be faster? I've read that the dual channel only shows a tiny improvement in performance, so would the 500mhz memory be a better choice? If it matters, I'm looking at using an Asus 800mhz FSB motherboard with a 800mhz FSB Pentium 4.
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  1. Dual channel, by a lot. P4s need all the bandwidth they can get.
  2. Even getting the 500MHz RAM, you would be running it at 400MHz anyways, unless you plan on overclocking your FSB to 1000MHz!!!

    Dual Channel is definatly the way to go with a P4 setup.

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  3. Not too sure what you mean by,"non-dual channel 500MHz memory". No memory is dual channel, it is a process of the motherboard. If you were to buy 2 modules at 500MHz will all of the same characteristics then it will run in dual channel if placed in the appropriate slots. The memory may not run at 500MHz but it will run in dual channel and at 400MHz speeds. So unless you are planning on OCing the computer there is no sense in buying 500MHz memory.

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  4. Non-dual channel would indicate he is buying a single stick. The laws of Physics prevent a single stick from running in dual channel unless it is schizoid.

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  5. I'd go with the Abit IS7 over any Asus board.

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