Simple Dilemma

howdy there...

So I have a dillemma here...

I need a new monitor and I'm looking for a monitor that I can play games at a high resolution. Now I was thinking about saving up and buy a 22 inch Dell LCD for 322. I also found numerous 19 LCD (which I gave mine away to my g/f) for under 200.

However, I saw IBM CRT's 21inch at for 90 bucks + a 40 dollar rebate.

My question is, what do you think I should buy?

Plus sides of the CRT are:
1600x1200 resolution (good aspect ratio, almost all games will work on this)
Some people say CRT's have a more true to life color *shrugs*

Plus sides of an LCD:
More screen
Image doesn't look as washed out

Widescreen LCD's have an aspect ratio that most games don't support very well and results in the game being stretched to fit the monitor whch looks horrendous in my opinion.
CRT's take up a LOT of desk space...
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  1. A problem is that LCDs can look washed out compared to CRT's, because LCD's have much lower contrast ratios...

    (CRT will shine if you can reduce the ambient lighting.)
  2. No LCD is a match for a good CRT, period. 8)
  3. Thanks for the responses...

    I think what I may be doing is getting 3 refurb LCD's from Dell, then purchase Matrox's triple head 2 go. This is all when I can save the money :D


    If this ends up taking too long I may purchase a 21 inch CRT.
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