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am having 64 bit windows 7 dell laptop some of the sofwre which run on windows xp version with 32 bit are not oprational on windows 7 with 64 bit pls help me
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  1. Right click on the icons and go to the compatibility tab. In there, set it to run in XP compatibility mode and see if that works.

    Also, some software that is 32-bit use 16-bit installers. Have you installed the applications or can you not install them? Because, if they aren't installing, it's probably because they are using 16-bit installers which will not work under 64-bit windows.

    If you have at least Windows 7 Professional and your CPU can do virtualization, then you could install Windows XP Mode (it's free) and try to install and run your software that way.
  2. Some applications will not work on 64 bit versions of Windows... some games, some VPN client software and I believe some older AV products. Perhaps you should check to see if the products you're trying to use are compatible with 64 bit versions of Windows.
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