When shutdown is attempted the computer restarts.

Hello all, I'm having a problem with my computer after a recent lighting storm. My current problem probably isn't a coincidence since after this storm my integrated rj45 port quit working too. It doesn't even show up in device manager... I've given up on that though. The real issue is when I attempt a shutdown the computer just restarts. It isn't hindering operation, but it would be nice to shutdown the computer when needed without having to switch off the power supply.

I run windows 7 professional and windows xp professional in a multiboot. Both operating systems do the same thing on a shutdown. Even if I hold down the soft switch it will restart no matter the duration of pressing/pressing once quick. BIOS is set to shutdown on soft switch hit. Like I said I had a lighting hit on the house. It made our ISR from TDS stop working on the LAN portion and killed my roomate's LAN card and mine. Pretty much points to the hardware in my opinion, but I figured I'd ask the best of em here. Anyone seen anything like this before? Could use some help on a fix if possible. Thank you!
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  1. try clearing your cmos to see if that fixes the mb issue. if not check in the bios that the network card is on.if the led are not on reboot back into the bios and turn the ethernet port off and see if that helps your reboot issue. (you may have to flash you bios if it the issue). if not may want to put in for an insurance claim for your damaged gear.
  2. Thanks, I'll give that a shot and see what happens!
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