WD Raptor's vs. WD 200 GB's

I am looking to set up a video editing RAID array. I am not sure what would yield better performance. 2 Western Digital 200 GB SATA's in RAID 0, or 2 Western Digital 36 GB Raptors in RAID 0. I have not come across any benchmarks that show 2 200 GB in RAID 0. If anybody has some scores on what the 36 GB Raptors are doing in a RAID 0 config, I woould love to see the read/write speeds. Also, if anyone has the 200 GB results, I would like to see them.
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  1. I know somebody in this forum is running WD 36 GB Raptors in a RAID 0 config. Anybody care to share their scores of read/write performance?
  2. I'm running some 36GB Raptors in RAID-0, but my array is a foursome. It can *almost* stream 1920x1080 raw video. (meaning it plays smooth then jerks a bit then plays smooth then jerks a bit, in about half-second cycles.)

    Raptors will give you better random read/write performance, and 200GB drives might give you better sequential read/write, depends on the benchmark of the drives themselves. Basically look at a benchmark for the individual drive types you're considering, and whichever drive has the best sequential read/write by itself will give you the best sequential read/write in raid-0. But Raptors will kick the competition in both random read/write and reliability, because of their faster spin, better parts and longer warranties.

    36GB Raptors will also sound like banshees doing laps inside your case. I asked on this forum about that before and people told me they were nice and quiet... they were lying...
  3. <pre>ixnay on the oisenay</pre><p>Yes, they are fast drives.

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  4. Quote:
    36GB Raptors will also sound like banshees doing laps inside your case. I asked on this forum about that before and people told me they were nice and quiet... they were lying...

    Mine don't scream like banshees. No doubt there are many quieter drives, but in my system I don't notice them above the sound of other things, but then again, my system isn't built to be quiet. I guess if you've considered noise levels for other components, then they may well stand out.

    I do have 2 36gb Raptors in RAID0, but the array is full of stuff, and benchmarking would be a pain. I'd be very surprised if there are no benchmarking results at storagereview or anandtech considering all the talk of RAID0 not being worth it on those sites recently.

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  5. Why do you need RAID benchmarks? Does anyone know any examples of current drives that perform well standalone but [-peep-] in RAID? In single disk WD360GD gives 57.4 MB/s, WD200JB 56.5MB/s. Not alot in it. Oh, except 328GB extra storage space, LOL!

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  6. I have a 73GB Raptor for boot drive, and I do not notice if it is any louder than my Maxtor Plus II 250GB drives.
    The 73GB drives support command queing, and are the fastest SATA drives available, even compared to the 36GB Raptors, which do not suppport command queing natively.

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  7. Thanks for the replies. I will probably go with 2 36GB Raptors in RAID 0. Although the 200 GB drives post some good scores in sequential write/read, I still like the 5 year warranty the Raptor offers. Also, you are not always sequential writing/reading so the Raptors will most likely be faster most of the time. As for the loss in space, I have an 80 GB and 20 GB for backup, so thats not a problem. Once again, thanks for the replies.
  8. My raptor isnt that louder i dont feel it making any more noise than my 200gb wd

    System Spec's:
    Asus P4c800-E
    3.2e @3.8ghz
    2X512 corsair xms pro 2-2-2-5
    aiw 9800 pro
    74gb raptor
    audigy 2zs
    klipsch ultra's
  9. Ok. Newegg is offering a rebate on the 74 GB version of the Raptor. I can get two of them for a little over $300, which isn't too bad. The Raptors in RAID 0 should definetly speed up the video editing.
  10. Well, my 74 GB Raptors came today. One word, WOW. These things are amazing. I get 103 MB read, and 75 MB write. Boots Windows XP screen in 4 seconds, and installed Windows in 10 minutes. I'm very happy with them in RAID 0. If you are looking for speed without the cost of SCSI, these drives are for you.
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