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I just got this "Quanson" Notebook Computer 7200T. I turned it on and booted it and was exploring all the features like the infrared port and the 3.25 inch floppy drive when i found this "handle" i pulled on it and out came the hard drive, the first time i have ever seen the hard drive come out of a laptop. Before i managed to put it back in windows gave me a blue screen saying that it couldn't write to the hard drive. I put it in and pressed space and continued exploring then turned it off. 4 hrs later i tried to turn it on and it wouldn't boot, the hard drive was recognized as normal at the power on self test screen but when it tried to boot it was unbootable and then the computer tried booting from floppy and CD but no hard drive! I think the Boot Sector is damaged but i have no idea how to fix it. Need urgent help because this is a very good laptop.
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  1. This is about the only thing that comes up in a web search for that company aside from some power adapter sales http://www.corporationwiki.com/California/Walnut/quanson-computer-inc/42700942.aspx

    You have manuals or restore disks for this thing? Need to find a support number or find out how you can restore the operating system.
  2. No, i don't have any since i got it second-hand. However i fixed after a couple days of trial and error using my windows 98 bootdisk with fdisk /mbr
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