Using mklink for recycle bin

Can I somehow use "shortcuts" or "junctions" with Windows' recycle bin?

I have an SSD as my main drive and a HDD for all of my files. I have tried to make a shortcut from the recycle bin on the SSD to the HDD but whenever I delete the "RECYCLE.BIN" folder Windows 7 instantly creates a new one before I can run "mklink /D" in the command prompt.

Is there some way that I can make it so when I delete a file on my B:\ drive it copies it to my A:\ drive and then moves it to the recycle bin?
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  1. The RECYCLE.BIN is drive specific and nothing is moved or copied in there. If you delete a file it stays on the drive and only gets a "deleted" flag what makes it show up in the RECYCLE.BIN. If you right click on the RECYCLE.BIN you can change the size reserved until the files really get overwritten per drive.
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