Help, laptop glitching. . .freezing.

So I bought a new laptop from walmart about a week ago (still have 10days to return it). . . . .
And was wondering, should I take it back or try to turn it into a linux laptop?

So far, I've done my best to keep it clean (Antivirus scans. Cleaning, etc. etc.) yet ever since I got it home and opened it up, it's turned out to be the slowest piece of junk I have ever seen in my life, flash player glitches like mad, it freezes for up to 10minutes+ when opening windows media player, and pretty much every task imaginable is slower than molasses on it. . . . .

If your wondering the specs it's running relatively decent ammount of DDR3 1066mhz memory
And an E-300 APU.

The scary part is when I first got it home it ran steam well, now it's even messing up with that! ;~;

And I swear, it's in good condition to, not smashed, not scratched, perfect cosmetic condition. D8

Help please?
I'm sure I should take it back, and just get a different one but I'm very very indecisive and uncertain.

Any help is appreciated.
PS: I hope this isn;t the wrong forum category, mobile only lists acer and uhm mobile. . . . . .
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    It does sound as though some fundamental part of the laptop is not being cooperative with other parts. Being this new and all, that is a problem and personally, I would exchange it.
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  3. Thank you kindly, I have already exchanged it and just recently grabbed an older (but much more durable/trustier) Dell Latitude E6400 for 180$ (193$ after Taxes).

    So far so good now.

    (Edited, it's a Latitude, but hearing the word dell makes me think Inspiron. o-o)
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