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I'm looking for a cheap device under $200 that will Allow me to browse the Web, watch video (including flash), listen to music, and possibly do some writing.

I bought the 64GB blackberry playbook today from microrcenter for $200. So far it seems solid. The browser seems more powerful than most tablets and the price for 64GB seems exceptional. It comes with a word processor, but the app store seems less than ideal. Anyone know of Any options that are better than the playbook for a similar price?
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  1. Tons of Android devices around that price, try here
  2. i wasn't really impressed by the archos tablets, similarly priced tablets had an eighth of the storage of the playbook, similar specs, and some fairly bad reviews for the build quality.

    honestly I think it really comes down to the playbook against the nexus 7. Obviously the nexus 7 is the more powerful device.

    nexus - 7inch
    playbook - 7 inch

    nexus - 1280x800
    playbook - 1024x600
    nexus wins, but I don't have a problem with the playbooks resolution

    nexus - 1 GB RAM
    playbook - 1 GB RAM
    tie unless one uses better ram, but it's not listed

    nexus - 1 x camera 1.2 MP
    playbook - 2 x camera 5MP, 3MP
    playbook wins, but I'm probably not going to use this as a camera

    nexus - quad core tegra 3 processor
    playbook - 1 GHZ cortex-A9 dual-core
    nexus wins by a mile, the most important win for the nexus in my opinion

    nexus - 9 hours of video playback
    playbook - 7.9 hours of video playback
    nexus wins, holds some value to me

    nexus - 8 GB $200/ 16GB $250
    playbook - 64 GB $200, ive seen 16 GB for around $160
    playbook wins by a long shot.

    maybe I'm holding onto a desktop ideology that I really need more space. Does anyone feel limited by their 16 or 8 GB on their tablet. Will the nexus provide a better(faster) browsing experience. The playbook renders the desktop version of any website beautifully, but it's nowhere near as snappy as my desktop on the same connection. Will the nexus do the same, but slightly faster? and is that speed worth the extra $50 and loss of storage space (or extra $90, same storage space).
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