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Alright, I have the Audigy 2 ZS Platinum, with the front optical drive. I just bought a decent headset, for games like CS, and CS:Source (When it finally comes out). But the problem is, the 1/4th jacks are too big for the 1/8th jacks. I don't want to use the converters. SO, my solution was to use the PCI card. But I can only find an input for the mic... I tried all the plugs with the headphone jack, and they don't work. Have I messed up on my install of the soundcard? Or is there no headphone jack on the PCI card?


So.. Who's hungry?
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  1. Come on guys, someone in the THGC can surely spread some insight on this problem. Noone reads the Sound Card forums. :( But I really need help.


    So.. Who's hungry?
  2. Most cards have the front analog speakers (stereo) and headphone jack as the same jack, so you use one or the other. I believe your card supports analog as well as digital speakers, but the analog jack won't work when the digital sound system is enabled.

    I'd just use an adapter, they do very little to the sound.

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