How do I get my thermal fans to run at full speed?

My case has 2 thermal controlled fans but I dont want them to run thermal. I want them to run full speed all the time. The fans have alittle(I guess its a thermometer)sticking out of the wires. Should I cut that off. Also the fans have PSU connectors but I thought thermal fans didnt run off the PSU?

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  1. Generally all thermal sensors on the fans run off of resistance. If you cut the sensor off and twist both wires together the fans will run at full speed all the time (I did this to all 8 of my fans). (This works on every fan I have ever had except one, it was the one oddball and it was reversed for some strange reason, I had to keep the wires seperated to run at full speed, made no sense, but oh well.)

    Some fans run off the PSU some have three pins for the motherboard, doesn't really matter where you plug them in, it's all the same. Seeing that you want to run them at full speed, may be a little safer to run them off of the PSU anyways.

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