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I am running XP Pro with new SP2. My old Belkin 4-port USB hub stopped functioning (all cordless mouse, kb, etc. stopped). I replugged eveything into USB ports on computer so I know they are all working. I purchasrd a new Belkin 7-port last night. But when I plug it into any of the USB ports on my computer it tells me that it is an "UNKNOWN device and/or mulfunctioning". I retried the old hub and I get the same message? Any thoughts would be GREATLY appreciated. I did just download the SP2 and installed it but the original hub worked for a couple days after that. And since I can get all the USB ports on my computer to recognize other peripherals I am assuming my computer is OK. Thanks in advance,

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  1. I'm just taking a stab at this by answering (since I'm not yet running SP2, and intend to avoid it for the time being), but the first things I'd try is to force all hidden devices to show up in the Device Manager, and remove any redundant hardware items not actually connected to the system that might be causing a conflict. While this command is available from the Device Manager "View" menu, in fact, a Registry change is necessary for <i>all</i> hidden devices to actually be shown to the user.

    You can pick up a .vbs file from this <A HREF="" target="_new">website</A>, (nm. 116, on the right) which can enable this after a reboot.

    I've seen conflicts occur in the past because of multiple hidden devices being listed and supposedly operational (such as multiple entries for a mouse) that caused something similar to an IRQ conflict, without any error messages showing up in the Event Viewer logs detailing a reason for a problem.)

    Once the extra hidden devices are removed, rebooting with everything attached could make a difference. You might even need to remove all USB-related controllers and hubs and allow Windows to re-install the devices, just in case adding SP2 has caused a few unusual issues.

    Secondly, it's likely that I'd attempt to re-install the chipset drivers, the most recent version of DirectX, and the video card drivers. Many chipset drivers contain files needed for USB host controllers to function correctly, although in your situation, the Belkin port should show up as a Generic USB Hub ... and on my system, the Generic Hub driver is usbhub.sys, file version 5.1.2600.1243 (xpsp2.030702-2125), dated 7/03/2003, but this is likely to be because I have an Intel chipset. The reason for the DirectX re-install or update is because this can also interfere and cause problems with input devices, and information about the hubs is listed under the Input tab, which is seen by running DXDIAG.EXE at the Start\Run line. Once DirectX is re-installed, updating or reinstalling the video card drivers helps assure stability, and reduce possible display problems, if some of the video driver files are overwritten or corrupted if/and/or when DirectX is altered.

    If this doesn't work, at least it shouldn't hurt anything, and might even prove to be the solution. It beats random guessing about, I suppose.

    Note: It's just my personal opinion, but I wouldn't currently be installing SP2 on anything but a fresh Windows installation, perferably slipstreamed. In the past, I've run into multiple, odd, and hard-to-repair and diagnose issues on systems that have been running for a while, and then had SP1 installed. Because of that, I learned to only install SP1 on freshly formatted systems, before adding anything else, including updated drivers. This greatly reduced possible problems and conflicts with third-party programs and other applications.

    I also learned to avoid installing SP1 on systems with VIA chipsets, because it always, invariably, ended up being a headache to attempt to correct any problems that arose ... and there always would be, it seemed, regardless of the hardware configuration.

    But that's just my own opinion, you understand, and other people might feel differently.


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  2. Thanks for your indepth answer Toey...I truly appreciate it and will try your suggestions. Take care...

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