2 Screens Or One?

my dad has said he will pay £200 for a monitor for me when i get my new pc. All good.

But, seeing as i cant get a decent 19" screen near 200 which i am happy with, i am thinking about getting 2 17" screens and using them.

They cost around £130 inc. VAT but my dad can get them exclusing for his business. http://www.scan.co.uk/Products/ProductInfo...roductID=478288

Currently i am getting an http://www.ebuyer.com/UK/product/111198

can i use two screens with this Graphics card or will i have to get an SLI setup?

If i did, i would get two of these cards since they are such good value. They seem to be good enough to run any game at 1280*1024 full settings.

If i didn't have to buy two cards i might buy a better card, in the £200 range to use for both screens. http://www.overclockers.co.uk/showproduct....rodid=GX-067-HT

My main reasoning for getting two screens is for gaming on one, and browsing the internet on the other. If anyone can suggest a good 19" or 20.1" screen that is around £200, then please do.

So, in total i have a few options:

2 Screens, 2 Graphics Cards

2 Screens, 1 Graphics Card

2 Screens, 1 Better Graphics Card

1 Better Screen, 1 Better Graphics Card.

Opinions please ^^
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  1. the 17" and 19" both have the same resolution so apart from size you won't fit anymore info on the 19" than the 17".

    also, that gfx card will allow 2 monitors connected at the same time. i shouldn't think have a 2-d picture on one would affect the performance in games.

    ironically, with SLI you cannot use 2 monitors at the same time as both cards are used for producing and image on one so if you had 2 gfx card you would have to diable SLI to use 2 monitors.

    an interesting seetup choice but if you want to view a forum like this or watch out for messages and play at the same time without alt tabbing it should work fine. hell, if you use an extended desktop and use a windowed game you wouldn't even have to close the game to surf, may be wrong though as i don't ahve too much experiecen with that kind of setup.
  2. sorry for the bump, i still think its relevant.

    I've seen setups where people have been using both screens at once, with a game maximised (not windowed) and browsing sites and stuff as well. Of course, this could be me being stupid.

    One thing i could do is connect my existing laptop up to an old CRT, and use that....but that would mean having 2 keyboard+mouses on my desk.

    The debate goes on....
  3. well, unless i get proven wrong it is impossible to maximise something and use the screen for anything else.

    by maximised what do mean?
  4. As far as I can tell, you cannot play a game fullscreen and use the second monitor for desktop use both at the same time; if you click over on the desktop monitor, the game will exit/minimize.
  5. might there be a hack or something for winodws to stop that?
  6. There might be, or that might be a part of how fullscreen apps normally work. As someone else noted, you can use windowed mode though.
  7. yep, AFAIK game has to be windowed if you want to use the other screen at the same time.

    I'd go for the 19". 17" is too small
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