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Using mice with Laptops

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Last response: in Mobile Computing
August 22, 2012 11:18:24 PM

I am just getting into the whole mobile computing field. My desktop broke a year ago and I finally saved up enough to get a nice Sager Laptop. My main problem is the mouse.

I have a G9x that I love and want to use with my laptop but I need a good wire management system. I had an old G9x and the rubber insulation on the wire started to bulge out of the fabric coating where the chord was bent. That mouse was stolen from me so I replaced it and I want to make sure I don't make the same mistake of folding the wire like I used to. This is a problem though because the USB port on my sager is about 3-9 inches away from my mouse and there is a very large abundance of wire. How can I roll this wire up so it is out of my way but not bent?

I also have some questions about wireless mice. I would like to get a mouse to use when I'm not gaming or CADing that I can connect with Bluetooth. The problem here is that nearly all of the mice that I have seen with Bluetooth capability (or any wireless for that matter) are very little. Only the super expensive Bluetooth mice are decent sized.

What are some good ways to manage the wire of a mouse connected to a laptop?
What are some good Bluetooth mice that are not too expensive?

Thank you!

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