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Assuming money is no object, a 48-52" tv needs to be able to be wall mounted and will be run by 2 8800's in sli. What would be the best brand and or model to look for? I have received conflicting information on using a tv for computer purposes. The games played will mostly be RTS. Thanks
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  1. tvs do not have very good resolution compared to computers monitors. You may be able to find a rare 2x 1080 resolution tv (2160?).
  2. Those really exist?
  3. Quote:
    Those really exist?

    Two that came up on google:

    Might not be for sell though. Regarding the 56":
    Ho also said he hopes to have the screen on sale by Q3 next year with a price tag of around $10,000.
  4. So would it be safe to say that besides those two monsters, a high end 1080p is just as good as another? As in the resolution can't get better and as long as the response time is decent?
  5. Unless you get a 120Hz or BFI monitor, which are supposed to get rid of the motion blur present on all LCDs.
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