Compaq presario m2000

hello, this is my first post here. i have a sweet new gaming computer it has windows xp and a Pentium m @1.4 ghz with intel extreme graphics 2.

with all jokes aside i have run into a problem with this computer that i never encountered before, the battery is dead so i can only get it to boot with the ac power plugged in. the laptop will turn on, spin the cpu fan for about 1 second and then it will stop. i cant get any display, or any activity from the hdd,diskdrive or the usb ports. im thinking something isnt delivering enough power to the components. i did open it but cant find any burnt or broken traces, its baffling, any help will be appreciated.
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  1. upon further inspections, when the laptop is completely stripped just the motherboard and the ac power are connected the laptop will turn on and the fans will stay spinning but i will get consecutive loud beeping noises
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