BenQ FP222W H vs. Samsung 226BW vs. LG L226WT-BF

which one is the best overall performance and features plus future proof for high definition 1080p?

thanks.. :)
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  1. All of them are Hidef but only 1680x1050 Native Resolution 16X10 (not 16X9 of) not 1080p.

    Both LG and Samsung are VISTA certified but does not say on Benq.

    Samsung 2 ms (G to G)
    Benq 6 ms
    LG 2ms

    Since I have'nt seen these monitors with the specs I would go with LG or Samsung but I lean on LG better, for looks but some might go with Samsung so it's your choice between the two.

    Just check the reviews on them, It'll make you deside faster.
  2. thank you for the information. yeah it seems both LG and Samsung are ahead in the specification in 19", 20", and 22" widescreen monitor.

    unfortunately, only old type of 19" widescreen LG monitor is on stock here in Indonesia.. :(
  3. According to a number of tests from asian sites, the Samsung 226BW is the number one panel overall, of all the 22" TN panels followed by the LG227 then the viewsonic 2245. The BenQ was the worst rated model of all the 22" panels. I would definitely go with the samsung, but I should warn you, there's been a number of reports that samsung is changing the type of panels for this model.... Some of these Samsung models use a slightly inferior panel, so be careful about that if you pick it up... Apparantly, there will be an S' at the bottom of the panel if it's a true samsung panel, and an A' if it is not. There being really sneaky about it... Another good panel to consider is the sceptre 22" not as good as the samsung but it's still solid, and it is asthetically the best looking of all the panels IMHO.
  4. oh okay, i guess i will go with LG monitor as soon as the stock is ready at Surabaya, Indonesia. The LG specification seems lot better in colours than Samsung in some of my friends' opinion, they're kind of regret buying Samsung and prefer to try LG monitor.

    Thanks for the info though :)
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