This computer system does not support MagicTune.

Recently, I decided to install MagicTune Premium (from Samsung's Web site for the latest version) so I don't have to fiddle with the annoying bottom monitor controls (keep pressing the wrong ones -- bad usability design).

I seem to get this "This computer system does not support MagicTune..." error every time I try to run installed MagicTune Premium v1.0.32 2007.1.29. It was working fine after I installed and rebooted. However, I think it no longer works if I were to turn off my computer and then turn it on before using MagicTune Premium. The only way to fix this is to uninstall, reboot, reinstall, and reboot which is annoying just to use this program.

What's the problem? I am using a 19" Samsung 931BF LCD TFT monitor connected to two computers through an old/2000 2-ports Belkin KVM switch (VGA and USB). I am using Windows XP Pro. SP2 (all updates). Also, using the latest monitor driver from Samsung's Web site.

Thank you in advance. :)
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  1. Did it ever work right? It may be possible that it cannot adjust everything on VGA connected monitors.
  2. Quote:
    Did it ever work right? It may be possible that it cannot adjust everything on VGA connected monitors.
    Please reread my post. It works after installing and rebooting (required). Then, it stops working if I were to shut down my machine and monitor and power them back on.
  3. I know this is an older thread but I am having this same issue. I am using a Samsung T240, anyways, to be clear here are my relevant specs:

    - AMD Athlon64 7750BE at 3.2ghz
    - MSI K9N2 SLI Platinum
    - 2x1gb OCZ DDR2 PC2-6400 Platinum Revision 2 Dual Channel
    - SLI set-up of BFG 8800 GT OC
    - XP Pro with SP3 and full updates

    That's about it - so after I install the most current version of the MagicTune Premium (1.0.118), and it prompts me to reboot, which I do, upon restarting it gives me the "This computer system does not support MagicTune..." error message. In a previous build, with the same monitor, it worked fine, but now it doesn't. The point being that I just want to install it once, set things up again (since I lost my custom monitor settings and some things you cannot do via the monitor buttons) and then use ghost to reinstall my system. I know some say to forego the program, but it really is a great program -when it works-. Any ideas? I think it might be the 8800GT card, I keep reading that many people with this adapter have the same issues... but really? it's not even a new card anymore, and is also quite popular, so what gives? Thanks.
  4. Well, let me update in case anyone comes here to seek help or support. I got MagicTune to work after many different attempts! First, let me say that I have contacted Samsung twice, but both times I got the generic, automated response which stated the obvious but without giving me any real support.

    Just now, I disabled SLI, and physically removed my 2nd 8800GT card. I remember disabling SLI in the past, without removing the card, but that didn't result in MagicTune working, so it seems there's a need to physically remove the card! After that, I installed MagicTune and now it works perfectly! If you want to run MagicTune just once to calibrate to your liking, I suppose you could try this and then after put back your second card (the 'custom' setting is saved in the monitor so you don't need MagicTune to be installed to access your custom setting). If you're running just one card, and you know SLI could not be an issue in your case, then all I can suggest is you write Samsung and hope for the best. Good luck!
  5. My computer was doing the same thing.
    I updated the driver which was for GeForce 4 MX and then MagicTune started running!
  6. I'm having the same problem (in 2010-07). Every time my computer loads, I get a dialog that says "This computer system does not support MagicTune".

    My specs are:

    MagicTunePremium_64Bit_4.0.01.exe (64 bit !)
    Windows 7 Pro 64 bit
    ATI Radeon HD 4870 (driver ver. 10.4)

    Has anyone been able to find out what is causing this problem and/or how to fix it?


    Peter Lairo
  7. It seems that installing the 32-bit version of MagicTunePremium (on my 64-bit version of Windows 7) fixed the problem.

    What a mess Samsung has created.
  8. And, after starting my computer this morning ... it's not working. Again. :cry:

    Samsung: FU
  9. hello, in my case the problem was solved by uninstalling the antivirus software eset nod 32. I had a trial version and I was told, one can actually use it forever. after the trial expires - after 30 days - you just have to reinstall. well, after the first month, the trial expired and I reinstalled. but then (or maybe already before, do not remember exactly) the problem started. "system does not support magic tune".

    I tried to reinstall magic tune - did not help. I was desperate but when I considered what has been changed in my computer, the antivirus reinstall was the only thing. so I started going through the configuration and among others I found that eset detects automatically programs he doesnt like. and magic tune was among them. so I uninstalled the antivirus and installed another one - avg free. and it works again. so far. :)

    however, this might not be universal answer. my advice is to carefully consider what has been changed in your system shortly before the problem started - (automatic) updates of the OS, installation of agressive software programms that intrude into your OS (av software programms are the biggest BS) and carry out nasty procedures.

    hope this helps mates. good luck. radek
  10. 5 years after the original post, and here I am.

    I just spent $350.00 on a Samsung 27B350H which I'm VERY pleased with, but the Magic Tune software doesn't work. I tried the version that came on the driver CD, and then the international version 1.X.X on the site (because this machine uses XP32 SP3). Same error message.

    I think it might be because of my ATI Sapphire 6770 HD GPU. It's not in the compatibility list. And that's just it.

    It's the little buttons for us, gents.
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