Reinstalling Windows 7, no discs.

So it has come to the point where I can FINALLY get an SSD (and I look forward to it very much), however I've come across what could be a little problem.

I want to fresh install everything on the SSD (my computer is so long overdue a reformat it's disgraceful), however I can't find/never had the discs for windows 7.

When I bought the computer it came with windows vista Home Premium, with an eligibility for free upgrade to W7 home premium. I duly upgraded to windows 7 of course and all has been dandy since (maybe 2 years now, that's how long I've not reformatted for!).

But now, I can't find a disc for windows 7 anywhere, I have the Vista Home Premium disc, which has the W7 upgrade slip inside with a serial number on, but no W7 disc is to be found. I'm pretty OCD about keeping my software discs and general 'important stuff' together, so I'm beginning to think it may have been a digital download?

Either way, whether I have lost it or never had it, how can I go about reinstalling windows7, preferably without buying it again... I'm guessing downloading an .ISO and creating a bootable disc, provided I can find my cd-key?

Cheers, Chris
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  1. If you have a valid product key, then you can download the official windows 7 iso from the microsoft website.
  2. Download Win7 from the Microsoft site, Install, When it comes to the part enter the serial number from the upgrade slip. you should be good to go.
  3. You are both heros.
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