Just Saw The Movie Predators!!!

Lots of Cool Action in the Movie! I give it an A+. The Dude who portrays the Hero, Reminds me of a Chris Redfield type of Person From Resident Evil. Cool Moments in the scene are the booby trap trigger which leads to a Domino's Effect of traps vs. the whole party! You See the Old Species Predator Typed up on a mast alive, than eventually freed by the Hero later in the Movie, and fights the New Species of Alien-Predator For NO#1 of the Tribe. Another Cool Scene is a Predator goes to Kill the hero with triangular sniper lasers(Which Explode you) than removes his face plating and you see Lawrence Fishburne from Star Gate Atlantis & Matrix. Pretty Funny Moment in the movie. Also the Scenary Reminds me Of Unreal Tournament II and Klingon Tek Mixed Together. Looks a lot better than Avatar. My Final word it looks like SCI-Fi Game Adaption Movie of the Year!Tied with Resident Evil Afterlive, which Looks cool with the special effects in the Previews.
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  1. I absolutely LOVED it, man!

    It was the perfect mix of Nostalgia and Originality!

    Also (without spoiling anything for others) all the hidden easter eggs throughout the film were AWESOME!

    The only thing that would have made it better is if it was another hour long :)
  2. So you want to see a movie that has around 1 hour of previews with another 1 hour added to Predators or one that has a concession break for 30 minutes, giving you a chance to game at the arcade in movie theaters with a double feature playing later. That would be better for me like a gurnee mall or Caprenterville Cinemas with some cool shooting games with uzi's time crisis-aliens-terminator!
  3. Sorry I'm late to the thread - I recently bought the DVD and have watched it 3 times to catch some of the hidden stuff. Loved it except for the middle of the Flick with Lawrence Fishburne - the movie did not need that part at all. Still the best since the original.
  4. yes its quite good, but i still enjoy the original predator with arnold swartznegger alot better, still 7 out 10 would be a sweet spot for me
  5. Still a enjoyable movie to watch..
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