What are the requirement to install mac o.s. on pc

what are the requirement to install mac o.s. on pc ?
i have intel c2d processor, intel E7400 motherbord and 2 gb of ram so is it ok to install mac on my pc ?
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  1. http://wiki.osx86project.org/wiki/index.php/Main_Page

    You basically can check if other people have been successful with installing MacOSX with certain components (or pre-built pc's or laptops). If your component is not listed, it doesn't mean it's not compatible, it just means that no one has posted a successful install method (there are at least hundreds, if no thousands, of install method combinations. So finding one that works can be extremely difficult)

    Long story short, it's not easy, and you have to become somewhat of an expert on the subject, or buy a pre-built computer (ex: a Dell with the exact model number of a successful install method), and follow the install method exactly. Either way, you WILL run into problems, and will have to troubleshoot.
  2. for this you need to patch the osx disc and get it to run that way, or you could install an efi based boot agent such as efix which is expensive, but works, the only thing that happens when booting with bios is "dontstealmacos.kext" activates and finder and the dock don't work at all so you don't get to do anything. but yes your system does meet the minimum requirements
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