LCD Advice, please help me. My Eyes are bad!

Hi people, I hope someone here can help.

I have always been funny with monitors.
I always have been had good CRT's such as sony's 17" a sony 21" and now a NEC FB21FB Diamond Tron tubed monitor. tho they r gettin old.
I love the crt's for the high hz rate they support. usually they are calm on my eyes!

pretty much every LCD monitor I have used have hurt my eyes since they only operate at a max of 75hz
my crts can usually do 150hz!
eye feels like it gonna pop! sometimes have to look away and close for eyes HARD, if using for an hour or so..

I have 3 LCD's and they all pretty much hurt my eyes. after few hours of use, same as my wife!
they are pretty cheapo lcds, such as a 19" samsung 19N 15" samsung15N and another 15 Viewmaster!

if I buy a DVI digital LCD monitor maybe a 21/22inch screen of the higher end scale do they have higher hz? or anything good for my eyes!

lastly what is the ms rating.. thats the refresh or something? how would a 12ms vs a 8 or even 4ms screen compare, better for eye strain for only better for viewing pleasure?

I know it a long post sorry for that! but I really wanna get thing stright before I spend big $$$ on a new screen that gonna kill my eyes!

thanks in advance
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  1. Max refresh rate for most LCDs is 75hz. Many are only 60hz, especially at higher resolutions.
  2. Refresh rate on an LCD monitor has no effect on eye strain. LCD monitors work completely different than CRT monitors; so refresh rate does not make sense to have any effect on causing eye strain, headaches, or nausia (like it can on CRTs).
    However, there are some factors that may be an issue:
    The bulbs used to light LCD monitors supposedly flicker at a very fast rate (over a 1000Hz perhaps?, not sure); some people have noted problems with older LCD monitors perhaps due to the use of the bulbs.
    Turning your LCD monitor up to full brightness might hurt your eyes. It is recommended that you turn down the brightness of LCD monitors (which may be controlled by the contrast slider); this is the main reason why the brightness spec is pretty worthless for LCD monitor use.
    The slow response time of LCD monitors might cause you issues as well. All LCD monitors (except maybe for the special 120Hz or BFI models) show a smearing effect during motion; that is, you will be unable to focus on exact details when an object is moving, unlike on CRTs.

    Regarding refresh rates on LCD monitors, one way that it may affect you is something like when you are trying to move you mouse around the screen and it does not update the motion fast enough for you. For example, maybe you were to feel that at 60Hz, updating the position of your mouse 60 times per second was not fast enough for you. Or perhaps you were to notice that 60FPS was not fast enough for an action game.
  3. LCD monitors are the worst thing that happened to me! I used them for 3 years and with every day my eyes were burning more and more. One day i decided to try a CRT monitor again and since the day i bought it my eyes are getting better and better. I'm puzzled with why people are saying that Lcd monitors are better for them (They could be fooling themselves like i did once or it might be true for them). The flicker isn't that bad if your CRT works with 100 Hz(150 would be a dream). I doubt that LCDs have no UV rays or other Radiation.
  4. Quote:
    I doubt that LCDs have no UV rays or other Radiation.

    Research florescent lights to get your answer.
  5. "pretty much every LCD monitor I have used have hurt my eyes"

    I feel the same way. I have searched the web for answers and still don't know what's really causing it. Google "lcd discomfort" or "lcd syndrome" to find a site that deals with this problem.

    The only cure i have found is to stay at home for a lot of days (the number of days depends on how bad your eyes got from LCDs), completely avoid TV (anything with a monitor, even your cellphone) and stay out of Fluorescent lights (this is very importent).

    I can spend more time with my CRT than with LCDs (I tried like 9 different LCDs with the same result). Recently I bought a Viewsonic LCD with LED backlighting. It seems to be a little better than the LCDs with ccfl backlight but I can't use it for as long as I can use my CRT. I'm planing on returning it.

    I only tried the cure for four days and noticed that my eyes got a little better. I read about a guy getting his eye to normal this way. If I'll get the chance to try it for a longer time, then I'll probably let you know how it went.
    My eyes are still pretty messed up from LCDs.
  6. I suffer from either the the same or a similar problem. I've been searching for a long time for a solution but I'm not even sure what the problem is!

    I have blue eyes and I'm sensitive to light. CRT screens, when they have refresh rates of ~75Hz or higher don't bother me, but even if they did the "wear" the CRT causes isn't the same as the LCD, while long hours in front of a CRT might make my eyes tired, a few minutes using the wrong LCD can hurt my eyes (it feels similar to dry eyes, and sometimes like a foreign body or a sting, it's hard to explain) and it takes a day or two to clear up! One of the worst for me are the latest LED backlit macbook pro laptops.

    I used a Samsung Syncmaster 152N 15" LCD at 75Hz without much problems, but had some trouble with a Samsung Syncmaster 943NW. I tried a LG once, and while the image quality was really good, I couldn't stand it.

    I'm not sure if the problem is the refresh rate. I might try a 120Hz CCFL LCD monitor. Right now I'm using a CRT at 85Hz.
  7. Hello again, I have some information that might explain what is going on with me and others with those LCDs.
    My problem is that I have a wrecked nerveous system and it makes me sensitive to a lot of things. One of those things is Luminescence (Fluorescence, Phosphorescence etc.). Every monitor I tried hurt my eyes, so I built an INCANDESCENT BACKLIT LCD from a ViewSonic LCD. I CAN USE THIS DISPLAY ALL DAY and my eyes only hurt when i read much or use for it hours without breaks.
    If you want to know more about it, here is my site:
  8. Hi. I found out that when I had this problem (lcd eye strain) it was not because of lcd, but because of the reflection from the external light source. I don't think lcd refresh rate has anything to do with it.
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