7B error at XP install

I keep getting an XP stop error during the clean initial installation of Windows XP Professional 0x0000007B. I'm installing from the CD drive, the drivers load, the screen says " starting windows", then I get the blue screen of death. The text says I may have a virus, but it is a new system with al new parts. I have swapped the motherboard from an ASUS P4S533 to an ASUS P4B266c, I've swapped video cards, RAM, hard drives and even power supplies. There are no other PCI cards in the system. The error stays the same each time I try to insatall the OS. Microsoft has no clue as to teh problem. I can format the HDD from the CD, but still get the error. I've built a few systems with this same setup and never had a problem ( same OS). Help, please.

The current setup is:
Asus P4B266 motherboard
P4 1.6GHz processor
256 MB PC2100 DDR RAM
Western Digital 20GB, 7200rpm HDD
Sony 24x/10x/4ox CDRW
Mitusmi 3.5FDD
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  1. Very interesting, as I have the same exact problem with one of my machines. The only variable we have in common is the TNT2 and possibly ram.

    This machine ran great with W2K advanced server.

    ASUS A7M266, Duron 1 gig, 256 DDR cas2,dvd, cdrw. etc etc

    I installed w98se and its been ok.

    I think I'll drop in another video card to see if thats the problem

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  2. lots of info<A HREF=";EN-US;q122926" target="_new"> here </A>
    also try entering "0x0000007B" into the google search box, include the quotes.

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  3. unplug the power supply. take out the battery on the motherboard. erase setting on cmos or thoroughly clear the cmos by means of a jumper on the board. place back the battery taken out. reinstall the win xp with NTFS format.
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  6. I'm posting this here and now only because I would like for others to be able to read a possible workaround when researching this issue:

    The computer I was trying to clean-install XP to kept giving the same 7B BSOD. I tried all other solutions.

    What worked for me:

    Completely reset all BIOS/CMOS settings. Restart computer. Enter BIOS/CMOS again.

    Disable "boot from LAN", if any such settings are available. (If enabled, the computer/XP setup may look for another unit on the LAN on which to possibly install XP, and, not finding one, choke.)

    Move "boot from CD/DVD" to the very top of the list; "boot from HD", to the bottom.

    Restart computer and run install.

    Hop on one leg, cross your fingers, and hope it works. It did for me.
  7. go into the bios and change SATA settings from AHCI to ATA
    As if by magic!!!-)
  8. My Lenovo Thinkpad T500 was having the same bsod during XP Pro setup. Following above poster's suggestion, I went into BIOS and changed SATA setting from AHCI to COMPATIBILITY MODE and it worked like a charm!
  9. Possible Resolutions:

    • During I/O system initialization, the controller or driver for the startup device (typically the hard disk) might have failed to initialize the necessary hardware. File system initialization might have failed because of disk or controller failure, or because the file system did not recognize the data on the boot device.

    • Repartitioning disks, adding new disks, or upgrading to a new disk controller might cause the information in the Boot.ini file, or Boot Manager, to become outdated. If this Stop message occurs after installing new disks to your system, edit the Boot.ini file or adjust the Boot Manager parameters to allow the system to start. If the error occurs after upgrading the disk controller, verify that the new hardware is functioning and correctly configured.

    • Verify that the system firmware and disk controller BIOS settings are correct and that the storage device was properly installed. If you are unsure, consult your computer's documentation about restoring default firmware settings or configuring your system to auto-detect settings. If the error occurs during Windows XP Professional setup, the problem might be due to unsupported disk controller hardware. In some cases, drivers for new hardware are not in the Windows XP Professional library, and you need to provide additional drivers to complete the Windows XP setup successfully. If this is the case, follow the hardware manufacturer's instructions when installing drivers. Periodically check for driver and firmware updates.

    • Hard disk corruption can also cause this Stop message. For more information about checking hard disk integrity, see the instructions provided in "Stop 0x00000024 or NTFS_FILE_SYSTEM" earlier in this list.

    • Problems that cause 0x7B errors might also cause Stop 0xED errors. For more information about 0xED Stop messages, see "Stop 0x0000007B or INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE" later in this list.
  10. worked for me on a new Dell Latitude E6410 when I changed the drive type in the BIOS from RAID to SATA. A little hard on the feet hopping barefoot on a concrete floor, but it was worth it!
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