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I have a fairly new machine that I would like to upgrade to W7. Not that I don't like vista because I do ( it is just easier for the wife to have all machines the same os). It is a Dell Studio and I would like to upgrade to W7 Pro because of the XP option because I have an important program that needs XP. I have never had upgraded a Dell to my own OS. Will their equipment and drivers still work? I have heard that sometimes it doesn't or is that just bull?
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  1. They will work.

    You will also need Virtual PC if you want to run XP.
    With that said plan on additional ram.

    As a side note you may want to considor VmWare player instead of Virtual PC.
    It works better.
  2. When you have W7 Pro it comes with it I thought????
  3. If I have Dell machine does it work best to get the upgrade disc from them or just buy one off of newegg. They are giving me a little better deal than newegg on an upgrade to. Oh, and now with the new fix in Windows 7 you don't need hardware virtualization for it to work. I could get W7 Pro and get the XP mode built in.
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