Asus F3JP - Won't boot after partitioning - continuous system beep


I created a new partition with Paragon Partition Manager. Afterwords it reported some disk errors due to crosslinked files and said it would restart and run some system tools. I've seen these errors before with chkdsk but was not able to repair them.

Anyway it rebooted, loaded the BIOS and POST ok - then blank screen, blinking cursor and continuous, unending system beep. I can get to the boot menu and it recognises the HD, DVD drive and USB drive, but regardless of what I select it goes to this blank screen and beeps permanently.

When this happened my friend mentioned the same thing had happened a week earlier but he just left it and it booted into XP as usual after 5 mins and has been booting just fine all week since, but I haven't had the same luck this time. Any ideas?

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  1. If the specs i found online are correct, it only has one HDD, my only suggestion to you is use your recovery/re-install disk and just have that re-format the HDD, have a nice new sqeaky clean system. Dont know otherwise.

    I know that when I formatted my ASUS G50Vt-X5 the other week it took a couple tries to get the reboot proccess to kick in (could just be vista) but yes, i also got a blank screen with the blinking cursor, i allowed it to sit there for a while and it eventually did its thing. Hope this helps.
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