I bought an HP Media Smart TV. I successfully hooked it up to the internet through my wireless WRT54G router. I downloaded Windows Media Player 11 to my computer running Windows XP SP2. I can't get WMP 11 to recognize (see) the TV and the TV doesn't list the computer as a media source. Help. Thanks.
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  2. Hello:

    I am sorry to hear about your issue. However, the issue may be larger than just the HP Smart TV application, as I started out finding the same issue as you with my HP Pavilion 2224nr computer since it was delivered this past Decemeber 29, 2009.

    I contacted HP Technical Support, which is in India on December 30, 2009 about my failure for HP Smart TV to initialize during Windows x-64 startup along with the blue-screen, Chksum recovery errors I was receiving. HP Tech support sent me the file link:
    ftp://ftp.hp.com/pub/softpaq/sp42 [...] p42505.exe

    This DID solve the HP Smart TV application issue BUT DID NOT solve the HP laptop issues. Later, after applying this application fix, I got similar problems starting Microsoft Works (bundled with the purchase package) as well as Microsoft Access 2003 which I loaded as a part of Microsoft 2003 Professional and the HP Assistant application also "bundled" with the laptop purchase.

    Contacting HP has been a NIGHTMARE even though the purchase was made only last month. HP publishes on their Website that a computer can be returned within the first 21 days after purchase but they will not provide the return code and shipping address for this. Further ... they want to have consumers bring problem laptops and other PCs into their "repair" facility to basically attempt to repair the equipment and give us back, as the purchaser a "refurbished" rather than "new" equipment PC! After all of this and a few more weeks!

    Personally, as a Senior Software R&D Engineer with 20 years in this business doing "new" research and development for both applications and custom hardware, I think HP is "out of their minds"! I am returning my "laptop PC mistake" and will NOT be purchasing or recommending HP solutions in the future.

    Best of luck to you with your 'messy' hardware.

    Hope the ftp file solves things for you but please be prepared as more trouble could also be around the bend.

    Best regards
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