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256 to 768 big performance leap?

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September 10, 2004 10:28:12 PM

I quite reacently confiscated my lil brothers PC to try and upgrade it a bit. He has trouble playing SWG and is experiencing some big lagg.
System specs are as follows:

AMD Athlon XP 2600+ (1.9Ghz)
333FSB motherboard
256Mb DDR400
Win XP
1Mb/s cable connection

I am 100% sure that the grafics card is not the problem. But I was wondering about the processor and the RAM. The RAM is way to low but how big will the performance leap be if I add another 512Mb? Does another 512 mean that it will be able to play the game well?

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September 11, 2004 1:28:50 AM

Basically 256 MB is the bare mininum you should run with Windows XP, upping this to 512 MB of RAM, you will notice, you probably won't notice a whole lot going to the 768, but it may help you in some of the latest games.

The processor really is <b>not</b> holding you back. My system is a little different, but I run Doom3 in 1600x1200 at Ultra quality with my 2800+ XP chip.

I'd venture to guess that the extra RAM will make a big difference.

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September 11, 2004 8:21:31 AM

You said the processsor is holding me back. Was that a typo or does the computer really work that much faster with a 2800+ than a 2600+

But then it is good to hear that the RAM will do a differance. As SWG a MMORPG I guess allot of things should happen at the same time so I guessed that the RAM Would be the biggest problem. IN the system specs they recomend 512Mb RAM so I guess the extra 256 on that will do differance I will check the prize tag first though.
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September 11, 2004 11:20:08 PM

hehe ok no problem I thought so anyway. Just making sure you never know about computers.