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Hello, I'm making this thread because I recently bought this dell inspiron 15r ( ) and in the article it states the laptop has a certain Windows 7 Experience Index score on it.

I had the same score on my laptop, but since i bought it used I wanted to do a clean install of windows, so I requested the USB from Dell and restored it to Dell factory default windows 7.

The problem is that now the rating dropped and I don't know why, any solutions on how to raise it back to normal? or does that score even matter?

Here is what I get now:

BTW: How do I check that intel turbo boost is working? I have the monitor program and it never goes up, it is supposed to go from 2.0 to 3.1 but apparently it never rises... should I overclock it?
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  1. The Windows Hardware index is irrelevant. It is by no means an accurate way to judge your PC PERIOD. It can and generally will randomly change your score for no apparent reason.
  2. Yeah. It's all bull.
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