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I'm looking for a player with a very high buffer. I want a dvd rom that will be best for playing movies. Most dvd-roms I've seen have a 256kb/512kb buffer. While the some of the recorders have an 8mb buffer. My question is, for strickly playing movies will an 8mb buffer rom play smoother over layer changes and such.
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  1. Most DVD movie playing problems are caused by your system, and not the drive, especially at high resolutions. When I first bought my DVD-ROM drive, I couldn't play DVDs at higher resolutions like 1280x1024, 1600x1200 without it constantly pausing and skipping. I talked to a buddy of mine at the computer shop, and we determined that the problem was being caused by my old TNT2 32 MB video card. I bought a new TI4600 and the problem disappeared. Mainly the point here is that you really don't need a huge buffer for playing DVD drives, and I really don't know of many drives that have a read buffer in the sizes you are wanting, its just not necessary.

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