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Does anyone own an acer aspire 7000, 9400 series laptop or similar with a 105-key full keyboard? I would like to know the dimensions and whether or not it is compatible with the Acer Aspire 6930G keyboard. The keyboards appear to be identical - the only difference I can find is that the 6930's is glossy, and the 7100's is not.

I purchased a new laptop and found it has an extremely loose "enter" key. I would like to avoid shipping it back to Acer if I can purchase a keyboard on ebay and fix it myself. Shipping it back takes 3-4 weeks and they still expect me to pay for shipping!

Any help would be appreciated!

EDIT: I should also add that the dimensions on my 6930g keyboard are approximately 36.5 cm x 12 cm.
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  1. Hey, nevermind...I ended up ordering the 9400 series keyboard sort of on a whim after the enter key began falling off. The keyboard fits perfectly and, in my opinion, is much more durable than the original.
  2. Hey. How easy was it to remove the keyboard ive been looking for some guidance. I too have a 6930G and really just want to be sure i can happily game on my laptop which ive bought to replace my desktop. If you could give me a rough idea of how or where you found out would be great. Also the glossy srround of my keyboard seems very bumpy especially by the + on the numeric keypad almost as if 2 screws are pushing behind lifting it slightly. is yours the same , in the light you cn just see the shine of 2 points. Does this come off in the process? if not do you know how to remove it ? just clip on maybe? many thanks for any guidance.
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