Help a gamer select the best 1600x1200 TFT! Please!

Now i used google but it was completely useless this time!

I want a 4:3 TFT with 1600x1200 resolution.
No problem with size, from what i've seen it'll be around 20", but i want it for gaming so i need contrast and low ms.

Don't try to convince me use the crappy 16:10 ratio! :?

I have made a list with the best available 4:3 TFTs from Newegg.

Use it as an indicator but if you want recommend me something beside the list.
I'm willing to empty my pocket and give around 700$ if i need to! 8O

Please help me or i'll just return back to my beloved CRT world! 8)

The list:

Let's try to end in TWO models cause i live in Greece and maybe some aren't available here!

Thanks in advance! :)
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  1. The only 1600x1200 that even attempts to be for gamers is the Samsung 204B. All others have higher quality, slower, more expensive panels.
  2. Here's the info I have based on's tests on the real response time:

    First of all, let's note the VX922, which supposedly has one of the lowest response times on the market right now:

    VX922 - real response time of 5-10ms...

    so, how about in the 20.1" 1600x1200?
    S-IPS.BenQ FP2091 20-30ms or more simply: 30ms
    S-IPS.BenQ FP2092 30-18ms or more simply: 30ms
    S-IPS. LCD2190UXi 10-28ms or more simply: 16/ 28ms
    TN.Samsung 203B 4-36ms or more simply: 22ms
    TN.Samsung 204B 10-30ms or more simply: 20ms
    PVA.Samsung 214T 15-25ms or more simply: 20+-ms
    S-IPS.Sony S205K 20-35ms or more simply: 30ms
    Considering price, the 204B looks like the best choice in that resolution. However, if you might consider widescreen, there is an even better choice:
    AS-IPS.NEC 20WGX2 5-10ms 7-9
    Notice that is has a response time closer to the VX922 and it has perhaps the best panel type on the market (S-IPS with glossy finish) for image editing.
  3. Well the 204B looks good. All others are crap for gaming! :(

    I don't know... If i can i'll find a brand new LG 19" CRT and be the happiest man on earth.
    If not then 204B looks the best for my needs.
    Also found this which convinced me somewhat:

    Still if i can't find something better i'll go CRT.

    Thanks for your help so far! :)
  4. Not sure I would go for an LG CRT. I'd personally want either a Trinitron tube or NEC Diamondtron, as those appear to be the best. You can get a used one really cheap on places like
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