Best Gamimg/Desktop Replacement Laptop With Docking Solution

Hey need some help so any input is greatly appreciated. I need to upgrade my computer within the next week as this thing is about ready to give out. I want to buy a laptop + a docking station so I can use one computer at my office (with the docking station) and when I take my computer home, it still is a beast. Note I will only be playing games and such at home on the laptop monitor, but at work I need to drive 2 20" widescreen monitors at their highest resolution, 1680x1050. I will not need to play any games or anything on these monitors, just some adobe cs4 design work. I really wanted an Alienware m9750, but was disappointed to see they didn't have a docking station. Anyways, I just have begun my search for a great gaming laptop with a 1080p screen at least which can have a docking station added to the bundle.

Thanks for any advice guys I really appreciate I am pretty stumped at the moment.
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