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I have been Googling an answer for hours but have had no luck. Maybe you guys can help me out. On my desktop PC (just setup Windows 7) I used the administrator account once but have since disabled it (it no longer shows up on the log in screen).

When I run my Playstation 3 or look in the network section of on my Vista laptop two media servers show up as mountable for Windows media server sharing. One is my user name on that PC and the other is called Administrator. I never accessed Windows media player or enabled media sharing (or file sharing) from the Administrator account so I am unsure how this happened. Is there a way to disable this for just the Admin account? I don't like it showing up on my PS3. Hopefully this is possible without re-enabling the account but I'll take any solution at this point. Thanks!
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  1. Hi silex99,

    Were you ever able to figure this out? I figured that this happened because I logged into the administrator's account when I was connected to the internet. Windows Media Player probably did something the moment internet was detected.

    I too am having this problem and was wondering if anyone knew the solution to this.

  2. Not really. You can go back into the account and turn all sharing off for the account. If I remember correctly It turned off the sharing of the other accounts too.
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