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So I bought a very cheap ($80) android tablet at walmart since I knew nothing about quality and decided to take it back. But it taught me something, tablets are cool! :D
Anyway I am sort of in the market for one. Somewhere under $250 should be good. It would mainly be used for web browsing, skype and the occasional round of angry birds so I don't need any top CPU. Also I would like half decent camera quality (for skype) and a good screen resolution.

Tablets that I know of that would fit in this range are the Nexus 7, the Kindle, and the Transformer so I would like thoughts on those. Also it needs to be able to get to the Google play store and have one of the better android OS's. I don't want to do third party apps.

Thanks! :)

Also if this post is in the wrong area please let me know.

Edit: daily deals has this Atria Aero 8" Tablet Android 4.0 tablet on sale from $300 to $150. Here is a link to the ad, please let me know what you think of it (the processor, ram, camera, screen rez, etc.) before the sale ends.
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  1. Please let me know about that one on sale before the sale ends!
  2. I unfortunately got burned with this deal. The thing is not dual core and only operates at 1.1 GHz not the 1.5 that they advertise. The camera is horrible. You can't walk any farther then 10-12 feet from your wireless access point or you lose your connection. The connection strength for me has never been over half (2.5 bars). The battery lasts for about 2 hours tops. If you fully charge it and use it continuously at about 50% it suddenly drops to 4% life left and then shuts off about a minute or so later. It continues to drain tons of the battery when the screen is turned off. (I imagine I could probably tweak some stuff to make this not happen.) I've tried calibrating the battery and that got me no where fast. The promised jellybean upgrade is semi non existent and the manufacturer's website last I checked was a GoDaddy Website Tonight site. It had a feedback form on it and no support or anything. This may have changed since this product launched maybe they just had a poor launch and I need to give it time.

    Over all the tablet I paid for is not what was promised. It's cool and even though changing through screens and launching apps is really laggy it's still pretty cool. Icemonkey is still selling it though if you still want to pick one up. But personally I would recommend spending a few more bucks and getting a Nexus probably. Hopefully Google did a better job. I'm guessing they probably did... But my recommendation is unless they have some way of fixing the issues with this tablet as it stands, to stay away. :(
  3. Wow that stinks, sorry that you got one that bad.
    Thanks for letting me know though, I am glad I didn't buy one. [:russk1:1]

    Also a store in the area has the Acer iconia a100 on sale for $199. Is that a very good deal? And how is that tablet in general? Like speed, camera, picture quality, etc?

    And if it's true that the a100 wont get jelly bean, is ics good enough to live with?
  4. Hey guys, what do you think of that a100 price?

    Also would the Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 be better? It's on sale as well.
  5. Not to be a pest but those sales aren't on forever!
  6. Still waiting!! :)
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