Acer wont boot??

Hi people I have been asked to have a look at an acer aspire 5610 laptop by my friends as it will not boot up it just gets to press F2 to enter set up and then hangs..I have tried F8,ALT&F10 etc but nothing is working..think it might be the HDD
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  1. I have the Acer Aspire 5610 and have the same issue. I press F2 and get nothing. F8, ALT & F10 doesn't work as well. Does the restore disks (that have to be purchased work? Of is this a harddrive issue and it needs to be replaced???
  2. my suggestion try to plug off ur hdd and try to boot it again. If it be able to bypass bios screen mean that ur hdd had a problem. else msg me at
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